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MECHANICAL GOD CREATION | Launches first video for “Artifact Of Annihilation”: Terror in the Air
[2012-11-23]    Banda | Band: MECHANICAL GOD CREATION

Technical deathsters Mechanical God Creation launched the first video for their upcoming album ”Artifact Of Annihilation”. The Clip for the song “Terror in the Air” has been directed by Stefano Pasotti

Support the band, like their page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mechanical-God-Creation/178845978792633?fref=ts

Lightless Moor sign with WORMHOLEDEATH/Aural Music Group
[2012-11-22]    Banda | Band: LIGHTLESS MOOR

Italian gothic metal band Lightless Moor has signed a deal with Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group.

Wormholedeath will release their debut album titled "Crying My Grief to a Feeble Dawn" world-wide through Aural Music Group. The album was recorded and mixed at Realsound Studio in Parma (Italy) with producer Wahoomi Corvi (Crysalys, The Way Of Purity, Haterial), and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finvox Studios (Finland).

Release date is due during 2013 still to be scheduled.


DECLAMATORY | Refreshing the sound of Thrash Metal with their new album 2012 "Human Remains"
[2012-11-22]    Banda | Band: DECLAMATORY

This is a band from Germany who plays a combination of classic Thrash Metal and new metal sound.

In this interview, they talk about themselves, their music style and their new album "Human Remains".

Thanks to the band for their time and also thanks to METALMESSAGE Promotion & PR Agency.

Human Remains (2012)
01. The Die Off
02. It's all over
03. Raider Messiah
04. Law of the Gun
05. Night Club Booze Tale
06. Nomad
07. A Perfect Drug
08. Human Remains

HULDRE | NORDIC FOLK METAL from Denmark | Debut album "Intet Menneskebarn" (2012)
[2012-11-21]    Banda | Band: HULDRE

Danisch Nordic Folk Metal talents HULDRE serve even highest demands with their brilliant debut album "Intet Menneskebarn"!

"Intet Menneskebarn" is a bright feast for every lover of Folk Metal, and escpecially for fans of ENSIFERUM, KORPIKLAANI, ELUVEITIE & TYR

Release: "Intet Menneskebarn" (Debut album, 2012)
Genre: Nordic Folk Metal
Label: Self-financed


INCURSED | EPIC VIKING METAL from SPAIN | New album "Fimbulwinter"

INCURSED, formed in October 2007, delivering finest classic EPIC VIKING METAL.

Great hymns, strongly recommended to all followers of MOONSORROW, FALKENBACH, ENSIFERUM, legendary MITHOTYN, early THYRFING, EINHERJER & TURISAS!

Band: INCURSED (Spain)
Release: "Fimbulwinter" (Full-length, 2012)
Genre: Epic Viking Metal
Label: Self-financed


MOLLLUST | Opera Metal from Germany | Debut full-length "Schuld"

Founded in 2010, the language of these wonderful formation from Leipzig, Germany, is OPERA METAL.

On the new album „Schuld“ the East German ensemble shows his most strongest, most aesthetic, most emotional and in substance most profound side. The percussion and driving, distorted sounds of guitar and bass form the basement. On that the classic instrumentation encounters, consisting of piano and cello as well as an e-violin which connects both styles with an interplay between classic play and distortion.

ALTARS / HEAVING EARTH: Split tape out now! (Death metal)

ALTARS (Australia) / HEAVING EARTH (Cze) Split tape out now! On NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST.

Expect Dark and twisted Death metal!

ALTARS are incaged in Australia and unleash some twisted, abstract obscure Death metal.

HEAVING EARTH suffer in Czech republic and offer two new songs of burning satanic Death metal.


Released as a black tape with violet cover. Available against 2 Euros + postage from this webshop:

More infos:

Other releases available for trade or sale:
-WRITHING (Usa)/ AD PATRES (Fra) Split tape. Fast, kicking and darkened Death metal.
-HERPES (Fra) Doomsday Demo CDr. Morbid Death metal influenced by Autopsy, with Death breath and early Death touches...
-NERLICH (Fin) Innards Demo tape. 4 tracks of Death metal from the grave!
-NECROS (Fra)/ ABNORM (Fra) Split tape. Upcoming Death black from France the obscure way!
Ask for the complete tradelist.


THE WAY OF PURITY | EQUATE is been released in Europe and soon in Japan
[2012-11-11]    Banda | Band: THE WAY OF PURITY

The new The Way Of Purity album "Equate" is been released in Europe via Aural Music and on November the 21st "Equate" will be available in Japan via Wormholedeath Japan (digital download) and do not forget the charity release in the US on Revolution Harmony Records and distributed by Prosthetic Records!

You can preview the album here:

Equate (2012)
01. Artwork Of Nature
02. Death Abound Everywhere
03. Eleven
04. Eternal Damnation To René Descartes
05. Keep Dreaming
06. For All Who Thrive Unheard
07. The Mighty Fall
08. The Last Darkest Night
09. A Time To Be So Small
10. Lijty Crjsty

UNDERWELL | Plan Your Rebirth is been released in Europe
[2012-11-11]    Banda | Band: UNDERWELL

The debut album from Underwell “Plan your rebirth” is been released in Europe via Aural Music.

2010 World crisis, famine, war, riots. The world is totally on the verge of collapse facing the end of this system, for all of those who care to lift their eyes to see. Meanwhile the world elite that retains the economic power struggles to defend the system through media campaigns, deceptions and factitious power games. All creative minds cannot afford to stand aside. Among them UNDERWELL, used to fighting ever since, write an album which delivers a clear message: the system must fall, be destroyed, so that a better one can be built. Before destruction, though, it is necessary to plan a social and spiritual rebirth able to set mankind free of the yokes of these darkest of days.

Driven by this vocation, Marshmallow (Vocals), Theo (Guitars), Bertuzz (Guitars), Dave (Bass) e Tiaz (Drums) put themselves at the forefront with "Plan Your Rebirth", an album about a new society which leaves behind past clichés. The new sounds are already included in the project of the rebirth. Now all that's left is beating down the walls that close us in and keep us from building our future world.

You can preview the album here:

Plan Your Rebirth (2012)
01. The deception
02. Head will die
03. The world of pain
04. A shadow of the night
05. Sick youth
06. Bye bye black bird
07. Clean.cut / skin
08. The Healing
09. Round 3
10. The god's anxiety

SCARLET ANGER | Stupid Boy - free download
[2012-11-10]    Banda | Band: SCARLET ANGER

To celebrate a successful year as well as 5 years Scarlet Anger, we rerecorded our very first song, Stupid Boy (2007), which is now available for free download! On this occasion we want to thank everyone who supported us during the last 5 years filled with fun, shows, hard work, which all hadn’t been possible without our fans, our label DOTT and Bernd Ramien, our promoter Markus from Metalmessage, MIG and all the bands we shared the stage with!

Download here:

HELLO SUMMER | Sunrise Atlantic EP is now available on stores
[2012-11-10]    Banda | Band: HELLO SUMMER

To forget the upcoming winter season Coraline Records releases a brand new fresh debut Ep that will take you back to the past summer. "Sunrise Atlantic" is the first Ep by the french all-female band Hello Summer.

The Ep introduces a band with a very impressive sound and technically skilled even if the members are very young. The tracks included in "Sunrise Atlantic" are seven and the total lenght is almost 25 minutes. A maxi Ep where catchy melodies and fine arrangements are the main features.

The opening track is "Destination Dreamscape" an exciting beginning with a song that gives a general outline of the entire work. "California Love" is the perfect single for college radios, days-off and holidays while ?In the Rain and the Sun" is close to pop-rock. "One" is the only ballad of ?Sunrise Altlantic" and give us the chance to appreciate the intimate side of the band.

The Ep is now available on major digital stores worldwide and on iTunes with an exclusive digital booklet created by the band itself and the photographer Lucille Barbier. "Sunrise Atlantic" is brought to you by Coraline Records.

Sunrise Atlantic (2012)
01. Destination Dreamscape
02. California Love
03. In the Rain and the Sun
04. One
05. Where I Met You
06. More Than Alive
07. Take Me to the Sea

THE RECOVERY! | Tour November 2012 and new single The Faint & Fragile
[2012-11-09]    Banda | Band: THE RECOVERY!

8.11 The Venue, Dumfries with Crusades, The Darien Venture and Lantern for a Gale.
15.11 The Monarch, London with Our Final Hour & Accidents Will Happen.
16.11 Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham with Our Final Hour, Like Oceans and From Heart and Home.
17.11 The Old Angel, Nottingham with Our Final Hour, Glass Cannons, With Silent Eyes & No Honour.
18.11 Retro Bar, Manchester with SavingSyenna, Durai and Glory for an Idol.

Glasgow’s THE RECOVERY! Have just announced that they will release their new single The Faint & Fragile on November 12th 2012 as a free download from the Cold War Legacy bandcamp and soundcloud. The song will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and all other good digital retailers, and precedes the new EP Wherever Nowhere Takes Us which will be released on February 12th 2013 through Cold War Legacy. The EP will be available for pre-order on iTunes from the 12th of November.

The Recovery! – The Faint & Fragile TEASER VIDEO

The full video will also be thrust into the world on November 12th 2012.

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Banda activa de 1998 a 2005.

Grabado por Milady Noise
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Agosto 2016

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THE FALLACY - Lost In Disguise (Official Video)
The Fallacy's new official single 'Lost In Disguise'

Video Produced and Directed by The Fallacy
Edited by Dario Chaparro
Post Production by The Fallacy

Cover Art design by Hatim Bahia
Banda | Band:

Grabado y editado por Milady Noise
Monterrey, N.L. México
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DUNKELNACHT - Ritualz Of The Occult (Lyric video)
Starring M.C. Abagor.
From the 2016 "Ritualz Of The Occult" EP.
Video directed by Nicolas Bouché, Heimdall & Alkhemohr.

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Grimorian - Crescent Hotel
Album: Black Ring (2015)
Banda | Band:

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