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Diego Sendra (guitars, vocals, bass, drums & keyboards)

Summoning Death (promo CD)



Dawn Of Defiance is the result of a hard work built in the past. Making such an artistic musical creation, takes too many time, and have had a solid background, somehow fulfilled with facts that would be better not to deal with, not only in the music, but in the everyday basis. Let's hear the whole story...

Long time ago from here, when I was 16 years old, the dream of being on a heavy metal band was something that started to take place within the future goals of my life. It was a long - time cared dream. Unfortunately I didn't have any money to buy the needed equipment or even the required skills to achieve such a thing. Nevertheless, in such days, I've started giving out my first steps in what definately would became my life project

I took my nylon string guitar, and tried on it some of the songs I was hearing on a daily basis from the well known metal masters (Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica ), my first musical roots and references. So, I sat one day out there, and tried One, from Metallica. And I tried and tried until I got used to the melody, as well as with the hard process of singing and playing at the same time, something that was impossible for me in such days

I continued, then, with some slayer songs such as Metal Storm/Face the Slayer, Crionics and Black Magic, and a whole bunch of songs more I can barely remember right now, after more than 10 years. I even tried to compose some of my own, which, for sure, wasn't too much different from what I was learning from the masters. Imagine how hard can be playing fast riffs on a nylon string guitar, when you don't even know too much of the instrument. But my strong love for metal, and the stubborn determination that always lead my steps, forced me to overcome any obstacles I've found on my way...

I was in that situation, learning and composing new songs, chorus lines, intros on my nylon string guitar for more than one or two years, I can't really remember, until I got my first job and bought my long ever dreamed electric guitar. It was incredible at first, I must admit, the fact of being able to play (very raw and full of mistakes), the same songs I was doing on the nylon one and seeing how I was getting closer to the original sound. I didn't even know the palm - muting technique, something essential for playing metal, until a friend taught me how to do it... My dream was about to start and take place

So one day, full of hopes, and with the seed of metal still growing more and more in my young heart, I called some friends. It was the time to come up with a band. I really wanted to have a heavy metal project (still two sacred words for me). We composed some very thrash metal influenced songs, full of power and energy. I learned very much with this guys, specially the jam sessions with the drummer. I learned by my own a lot on music theory and composition during such time, most of all from my own ear (main teacher on any musician)

As usual, formation and personal conflicts lead that unknown band into a final rupture, after five or six months of good musical and friendship experience. I've just came home, alone and somehow sad. The fact that I was playing a lot better than before, was the only thing left, which was too much to say anyway. I've decided to stay alone for a while, practicing and rehearsing more and more, developing my own style, ranging from fast riffs, to very slow, dark intros and mid - tempos, to entire metal ballads, always very dark, deep, reflexive stuff. A thing was clear enough for me: music came in my life to stay. That's a thing I've learned since the very first day I've played the first notes on my nylon string guitar...

Two years passed away. Things started to change a lot. I knew how to play my guitar this time, really faster than I could ever imagine, and I felt I still have to try with another band. I remember that in such period of time I liked power metal a lot , so I called a friend, we found a female singer, we recruited a drummer and we started what would became my second musical project. Ferocity (as I personally wanted to name it), came alive. We got together, we played some power metal covers on the singer's garage, and we sound very good, I must admit. I was on the rythm and lead guitars this time, as well as my friend. But for the second time, this band was doomed to fail anyway... Once again

Due lot of fights, and different opinions, I personally left the band I've did created. Some months after I was out from Ferocity, they disbanded. Unfortunately, this rupture lead into more than a musical break up, but a friendship break up as well...

I found myself alone this time, a bit concerned on what to do with my music in the future. Why always my band projects were doomed to fail ? Who's to blame ? At least these experiences leave you with a good positive lesson: you are always important to other people, and other people for you, no matter the personal misunderstandings. You learn, you give, your receive. That's what it counts at the very end of the story

I was then in another project, this time totally divorced from power metal, completely focused in thrash / black, with some other new friends I've met, but it was really never something serious, as I wanted. As I always wanted. There was something missing. Something wasn't right. That's when I've started later, in the year 2000 a soloist project named MetalSymphony wich was just guitars, keyboards and vocals. It was a very simple music, but yet dark, reflexive. It truly showed me that my way was going to be in solitude, not with any band. MetalSymphony was, in fact, a transitional time in my musical career and, even I got to record a nine songs album, it didn't have really too much importance, or relevance, not for me, nor for the media. I was missing the returning to my true musical roots, the same that unchained what is nowadays reflected and visible within my music

Honestly, the idea of coming up again with another band to make thrash / death, crossed my mind but deep inside of me I always knew that it will happen the same thing again. In fact, I was really enough tired to start up a new project with new people Why not giving a step further based on my last soloist project experience? Why not recording all the instruments myself, this time ? The answers to these questions were Dawn Of Defiance, a very aggresive form of thrash / death metal, mixed with an obscure, often diabolical doom metal atmosphere in eventually every melodic passage of my music

From now on and forever, let's make you and me, this whole new story together...


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